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“I don’t know.I will ask▓ her.” He sent Yakub into ▓the front room with instructi●ons for Rebecca to present herself. ▓ On her arrival, they held a brief con▓ference together in Judisch.Th●en Rebecca went away, and


Arkush said to us, “▓Yes, she has got it yet.She● has gone to fetc


h it.” Duri▓ng her absence Merivale resumed, “You are quite▓ su


re that it is useless to go● further back in your books—that th●e n


ame of White doesn’t occur in a●ny other place” “Oh, yes; I▓ am sure.I recollect perfectly.He was ▓a colored man.He only came twice.” ▓ “I notice that on one occasion his address▓ is given as Harlem, on another as L

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ow● do I know Maybe he moved.Ma●ybe neither address was his true one.T●hese people very often give false▓ names and addresses.” “I suppose they do,〃埍 Merivale assented, and therea●fter held his peace, chewing his nethe

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as● I reached out my hand to take it. “Woul▓d you mind very much parting with t●his box, Miss Arkush” he as●ked, fixing a pair of languishing eyes upon▓ Rebecca’s face. “What will you give me▓ for it” the busines


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s-like● young lady inquired. “What wil▓l you accept” “What’s it wor●th, father” “That box

ut it.That

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is worth two do▓llars any how,” replied the shameless ol▓d usurer, regardless of the f▓act that we knew

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to a mill what he h▓ad paid for it. “Then certainly this ●will be enough,” said Meriv▓ale, and he sl

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ipped a five-dollar gold piece ●into Rebecca’s palm.Then he settled● with Arkush, bestowed a gra●tuity upon Yakub, and bidding an affable good-by● to every body, led me out through ●the shop into the street. ▓“Well,” I

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said, “we have run against th●e dead wall that you foresaw.” “So▓ it appears,” said he. “Th●e picture was pawned by a co▓lored man only two years ago—that is, four-a●nd-twenty years after my father’s death.We do

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    n▓’t know of any means by whic●h to reach that colored man; but even if we did 癃” “It would be a forlorn hope.” ●“Exactly.So that we stand just as we did b▓efore we left home, do we not Except that you● are by five dollars a

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    poorer man.●It was sheer extravagance, your purchasing t▓hat box.I suppose your imag▓ination connected it with the box—th▓e box that Dr.Hirsch told me of.But the● probabilities are overwhelmingly● against that contingency.Then, why di

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    d you w●aste your money, buying it Intrinsicall▓y, it isn’t worth carrying a▓way.” “Hush, hush,” interposed m●y friend.“Don’t talk to me.I ●have an idea—an idea for a story—脿●propos of Arkush and his daughter.Bless me wi▓




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